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Bluffen over wat ie heeft, geen ongelijk toegeven.
x verwenst, vervloekt en generaliseert hij.






(Please do not mix up this cemetery with the former other one which does not exists anymore.)


Semampir which was once the place of my parents, but they are not buried here.

Many graves of the Europeans had been renovated as much as possible and remained on this place and some had been removed to Gunung Klotok Graveyards and many more are lost forever.

Previously I have already done some research which can be seen at the page: page 1 of Semampir 


A journey by train called DHOHO... from Mojokerto via Kertosono to Kediri and v.v. 

29 sept 2017 Train station Kediri 's at 10 to 6 pm Kediri, the place to be....the place where I was born.... The place where my father met his fate/destiny and his grave is no more. My holy grounds fertilized by the Gunung Kelud. I am a son of the ancient city of the Empire of Kediri.


Almost the same view as it was in 1989. Mind the clock ! Reversed coloured and mind the signboard. Visitor's chairs are renewed and the ceilings had been painted in reverse too. New tiles on the floor.... The station had been well removated. My compliments to the Townhall of Kediri.


Waiting at KERTOSONO station till the train/loc is prepared for the rest of the journey. The station is a bit abandoned...Friday evening 29 sept 2017 at one minute past seven.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dearest friend ever. Because you made your voyage and made some moments of Kediri for me.... I am granted these pictures for free and therefore my copyright is added to the pictures.

A picture of the scene at location; in eternal peace all religions are together and bow their heads for the Lord/God/Allah.



Picture hereunder:

The renovation of the grave can be noticed clearly. It states: 



OVERL. TGL. 4.12.64.


It should read correctly:



OVERL. OP 4.12.64

He was:  GEORGE FERDINAND LEIJSSIUS, in life being an engineer at several Sugar Mills (Tjandi Sidoarjo - Ramboen Pedan - Tangoelangin Porong - Koenir - Gempolkrep.)

Born at Jogja 8 dec 1887 and married to MARIE DOORTJE DUTRIEUX on 4 Jan 1912. He had a sister Marie Louise Leijssius and most probably his father was descending from the Dutch nobility family LEIJSSIUS from Jogja. His mother must have been a local Indonesian woman - most probably "bangsawan" from the Jogja Keraton.

Lots of family members LEIJSSIUS worked and lived in the sugar mills districts of Pasuruan, Kediri and Blitar, Mojokerto, Jogja and a few at Sumatra/Penang/Singapore.



Picture here under:

GRIETJE PAULINA KOST, born 16 ferb 1918 and died Kediri 1966. In Menado are many familie members called KOST. I did not succeed to find out about her relatives nor herself. Was she married? Did she had children?

Should anybody needs to do some research, pls feel free and check this webiste. Halfway the page are all members of the KOST family at Menado stated. http://www.fam-kost.nl/kost.html



Picture here under:

Same matter with MARIA EVELINE LOUISETTE KNAAP.  She indeed was mentioned in the almanacs. However, the text on her grave differs.

According the almanac the correct name was EVELINE LOUISETTE KNAAP and correct date of birth was 5th Aug 1907 and born in Batavia/Jakarta.

At her birth date on 5-8-1907 there was only one person living in Batavia called REINIER KNAAP; Born Tegal 25-2-1878 and he died Soerabaja 12 Sept 1917 and married Louise Margaretha Meijer at 11 May 1898 at Soerabaya. He is buried in one grave number B2017 Peneleh, together with: Rosette Caroline Priester-Knaap (1840-1890) and R.F.R. Knaap (1838-1891)

Rosette Caroline Knaap was  a daughter of Carel Hendrik Knaap and Catharine Sophia Elias and she maried Lodewijk Reaal Priester. According the grave at Peneleh, Rosette was born 13 aug 1840. According the archives of Delft,  Rosetta was born 3 aug 1841. The engraver could had made a mistake....


Additional information received 9 jan 2019 from the grandson Richie Widjaja (Huang Liqi) of Maria Eveline Louisette Knaap, who lives in Australia. My deepest gratitude to Richie for I am granted to place a copy of the death certificate of the Cityhal of Kediri and it confirms her parents' name and date of passing away. According the certificate, it is clear that the Dutch Register Almanac differs also in the names, besides the dates:

Mother's name: Louise Margaretha ---> Louissette Margareta

Daughter's name: Grave: Maria additional.

Date of birth: 5th Aug 1907 according almanacs. (RA1908). According certificate: Age 77 years in 1982, so date of birth is 1905 and not 1907


According the certificate Maria Eveline Louisette Knaap was married to Mr. Oei An Djien and this married couple had 8 children.(.. dan meninggalkan anak delapan orang telah dewasa...). As this number differs from the statement of grandson Richie, this could mean that one child died prior to the mother's death.?


Additional information from grandson Richie Widjaja:

" Eveline married twice in her life: First to J.A.G Gleichman then to a Chinese man named Oei An Djien (who was buried next to Eveline at Semampir).

Oei An Djien and Eveline had 9 children. The youngest one was named Victor Oei (my father).

A daughter of Eveline/Oei An Djien named Pearl married Edvard Landegent (Editor: Eduard Landegent born Blitar 25-7-1920 RA1921) and returned to Holland. This branch of my family is now based in Amsterdam."







Picture hereunder:

This is completely messed up by the renovators. An old name plate - cut in pieces - and used for somebody else's name. My question: Who is resting in this grave?

I do not call such "renovation" ...... I call such a poor "Kindergarten" Job. They should at least have removed the original letters in honour and respect of Mr. Prawirowinoto.


Picture here under:

IBU ROOSJATI DEPPMANN....Wafat /Died Tgl/Date 27-2-1974 Usia/Age 85 Thn/Years old.


One thing for sure: This deceased lady belonged to the DEPPMANN family.

Died at age 85 in the year 1974, meaning that she should be born around 1888/1889.

I was not able to find more personal details about Mrs. Roos(jati) DEPPMANN.

However, I did find the following data:


    1. Born at Bojonegoro 3-5-1888 MARIE DEPPMANN. Most probably her father could have been Ernst Christiaan DEPPMANN with a local Indonesian  woman called SIPAH or CH. E. DEPPMANN with a local Indonesian woman. Could Marie changed her name into Roosjati? Or was she married to a husband called Roosjati? 
    2. HEINRICH DEPPMANN, born 28-1-1890 Semarang and died due to Japanese imprisonment 18-8-1945 at Ngawi, 3 days after liberation. !! He married a local Indonesia woman called Mrs. SITI.
    3. JOSEPH DEPPMANN born 14-9-1893 at Makassar, prisoned by the Japanese and forced to work at the Pakan Baru railway and died 3-6-1945. His father was Ernst Chrsitiaan Deppmann and his mother was SIPAH
    4. Born at Ngawi 4-9-1896 KARL DEPPMANN. He became a prison guard at Madiun prison but lived in Ngawi. Unknown to me what happened to him in the war.
    5. Born at Bojonegoro (Dagangan) 19-9-1905 JOHANNA PETRONELLA DEPPMANN. Most probably her father could have been  Ch.E. DEPPMANN or E.C. DEPPMANN with a local Indonesia woman. Died 14 jun 1990 at Kerkrade The Netherlands. She was married to LEONARD VAN DER PLAS.
    6. Born at Ngawi 15-11-1918 FRITS DEPPMANN. His father was Heinrich Deppmann (see 2) and mother was SITI. Died 24-6-1944 in Japanese imprisonment on board the ship TOHOMAKU MARU in the neighbourhood of NAGASAKI JAPAN. Father and son did not survive the war and so much grieve for Mrs SITI, being wife and mother.
    7. LIBBERTY LEONORA DEPPMANN, born Ngawi 25 may 1926 and died at Ngawi 14 oct 1944 in imprisonment.
    8. MIENTJE DEPPMANN was married to PIETER STEVENS at Madiun and moved to Surabaya.



Picture here under:

Last but not least, the grave of a child called ANDIKA APRILIANTA. I did not succeed to know who she was or her family.... Her age was almost one year.... Born 21 april 1912 and died 3 april 1913. She was Christian baptized..... Born, died and called APRIL.... sweet eternal dreams little baby you were once. These days a radiostation at Kediri is carrying your name ANDIKA.


May they all rest in eternal peace.

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